Sam Campbell for Clark

Sam Campbell for Clark

Hello there, I'm Sam Campbell and I could be your delegate for Clark if you believe, as I do, that:

  1. Economic Democracy, like taxation and expenditure, is more important than ever given the rising cost of just living day-to-day...
  2. Our political traditions are struggling to keep pace with a rapidly changing world, their decisions growing further out-of-touch with the average person...
  3. With more freedom comes more accountability, with more autonomy & agency comes more accountability, those choices being democratically decided.
  4. The ecosystem & climate feedback loops are locked in so we must act in a planned way towards rapid harm reduction, especially to peoples' lives

And if, like me, you say “Yes” to the following statements:

  • a) Democracy cannot exist when the concentration of wealth becomes socially distortionate
  • b) Decisions should be centred around the mode-average natural person, not corporate entities
  • c) Negative externalities must be compensated for & rent-seeking behaviour stopped
  • d) ...and that the demands of Tasmanians must be acted on as a mandate, not suggestion

Contact Sam:    [email protected]