Ranae Zollner for Clark

Ranae Zollner for Clark

Ranee ZollnerI am not your typical candidate. I am an autistic female of South Korean origin. I have suffered and survived abuse in my 37 years of life.

I am aware that I'm not the only one that has had to survive life. I have been personally impacted by: 

  1. Insecure and difficulty obtaining employment.
  2. Social housing and rental crisis.
  3. Health professionals at capacity and expensive.
  4. Expensive education lacking in vital areas (e.g. Mental health education, critical thinking, first aid).

If you you feel like you are just surviving, join me and we will fight together for justice.

Vote #1 Ranae 

I believe: 

  1. Major corporations must take at least one graduate to every non-graduate in the field so they can gain experience.
  2. We need to stop rent seeking, limit rent increases! Human rights should not be a source of profit!
    1. All affordable housing should be base level luxury
    2. There should be no homes left empty.
  3. Dental care should be affordable
  4. Psychology needs to be readily available to all according to need, and more counselling and medication
  5. We need proactive measures to stop Sexual Assault and the under reported sexual assault of vulnerable people with disabilities

Contact Ranae: [email protected]