PRESS RELEASE: Tasmanian Premier must release health advice and modelling immediately

Since opening the borders to COVID on December 15th, confidence in the government and our health system has plummeted

“You don’t need focus groups and polling to tell you that Tasmanians are nervous, you just need to talk to your neighbours and friends.” Said Leanne Minshull, Local Network candidate for the Senate.

The Premier, Peter Gutwein, held a press conference yesterday after a 4 day hiatus. Mr Gutwein was eager to stress personal responsibility, and that he was acting on the 'health advice'. Ordinary Tasmanians, however, have not seen that health advice, nor any modelling or scenario planning for the health and economic impacts of letting Omicron in. The Tasmanian public must be shown this advice and analysis. At a minimum the government should release:

  • How the planned automation of track and tracing will actually work
  • Real time maximum waiting times for tests and results
  • The plan to keep vulnerable and immunocompromised Tasmanian's safe
  • At what number of cases will further restrictions come in to place
  • What would be a trigger for closing the border to high case places such as NSW
  • What is the plan to help businesses impacted by the escalating outbreak
  • How many children will need to be vaccinated before the resumption of school in 2022

“The premier did a great job reacting to the unplanned crisis of COVID, but we have no idea how well the Premier planned for the decision to let COVID in.” continued Ms Minshull

For further comment contact Leanne Minshull - [email protected]