Our Purpose

Our Purpose

The Local Network is dedicated to helping community independents get into state and federal Parliaments.

The Local Network will support candidates to be independent and free to truly represent the views of their electorate.

The Local Network wants more independents, and more independents will mean less party-line politics and more direct representation.

The traditional party system is broken and career politicians no longer serve our needs.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why Independents?

Major parties ask their elected representatives to swear allegiance to their party, before the electorate. We need independents because they are free to represent their electorate.

How can candidates be independent if they are part of the LN?

The network is a coalition of independents, underpinned by shared values - who won't be told how to vote. Our candidates will be supported, listed on the one voting ticket and, once elected, will have a conscience vote on every piece of legislation put before them. They will be known leaders in their community.

What requirements does the LN demand of their candidates?

Candidates must be committed to action on reconciliation, climate action and corruption. Solutions that are unifying rather than adversarial and divisive.
Committed to basing policies and decisions on the best available science.
To remain accountable to their electorate in between elections by holding citizen’s juries when needed for complex policy issues.
Candidates must live in the electorate and already be involved with their community rather than be preselected because they have been active in their party.

What are the core values of the LN?

*Courage *Action *Kindness *Empathy *Respect

What if undesirable people want to stand for election for their own personal gain?

People seeking personal power stay away from communities, not become more accountable to them. The network requires candidates to remain accountable to their community rather than further their own personal interests. The LN is not a vehicle for career politicians or for those wanting to focus on one popular community bandwagon. To be a candidate for the LN, individuals must adhere to our core values and ethical practices.

What does it cost to join the LN?

There is currently no fee to join the LN. We hope to do some fundraising as we move closer to election time, in order to support our candidates.