Martine Delaney - Candidate for Franklin

Martine Delaney for Franklin

Martine Delaney - Candidate for Franklin

A little bit about Martine Delaney

Once better known as the Sex-Change Soccer Star Cyber-Tranny Granny, Martine’s life’s included being a LGBTIQA+ advocate, manager of an internationally successful Aboriginal singer-songwriter, a stand-up comic, briefly dead, a ghost tour guide, book in a Human Library and a Federal election candidate. All the while, with her partner, raising a child abandoned at their home more than fifteen years ago.

Her work’s largely centred on community development and social justice - child protection, youth justice and, for some thirteen years, within the Tasmanian Aboriginal community. Since 2003, she’s been a very active and successful advocate for LGBTIQA+ rights – playing a significant role in the founding of the major marriage equality organisation, Australian Marriage Equality, achieved passport reforms affecting trans and gender-diverse Australians (nationally) and leading a 15-year campaign for Tasmania’s world-leading birth certificate law reforms.

In 2016, Martine tried writing a feature film, which led to her inclusion in Screen Australia’s inaugural Develop the Developers initiative and a career creating documentary, educational and drama projects. She’s created, written and co-produced a SBS documentary and is the only Tasmanian to have written for an Emmy-nominated drama series.

As a result of her work for change, in many different areas, Martine’s received the following recognition –

  • The only transgender woman, to date, added to the Tasmanian government’s Honour Roll of Women;
  • Her image appears in a gallery of “Movers, Shakers and Troublemaker Women” at the recently refurbished Cascades Female Factory;
  • First person in the world to have played both men’s and women’s Div. 1 football; and
  • At the 2018 Commonwealth Games, she featured in the Australian LGBTIQA+ Hall of Sporting Fame exhibition;

In addition, Martine was recently quite flattered to discover she now has a Wikipedia entry!


From Martine ~ Why I’m standing for Parliament

I believe I can do this well. Two decades of advocacy and unpaid lobbying show I’ve a serious commitment to things I believe in, as well as the knowledge and experience to make my mark in the House.

But, I’ve two main reasons for standing; two things I believe we need to, and can, achieve. And this next Tasmanian State election, taking the House of Assembly back to 35 seats, provides us with the best chance in history to do these things – to make a massive change to how Tasmania does Parliament and government.

First reason

I could list so many different issues successive Tasmanian governments have failed to make real progress on. All need that progress, urgently, but I seriously believe we must deal with another roadblock before any progress can happen.

And that’s about the way our governments govern. Depending on which of the two major parties is in office, policy seems to be shaped to suit major donors and cronies, or major donors and factions. We, the people, sit somewhere way down the list. And, on an increasingly regular basis, Labor also seems worried about whether doing what they should do will see them labelled as just like the Greens. But you, me, We can change this.

By electing Independents. Independents who’re working for their electorates - not donors, cronies and factions. Independents who can insist government negotiate legislation, and demand some major legislative changes –

  • At a minimum, far tougher political donation laws;
  • Real transparency in government processes;
  • Real accountability in government processes; and
  • Truth in political advertising.

When we achieve these things, it’ll become much harder for governments to fool any of the people, any time. And we can get on with working in the best interests of all Tasmanians.

Second reason

I’m transgender. I’d be incredibly happy living in a world where me being trans had no bearing on my life. But I’m living in the one where, across the globe, hundreds of laws are being put forward to limit – or wind back – the rights of trans and gender-diverse people. Being trans does have a - negative - bearing on a trans person’s life.

Australia’s never had a trans MP. So, taking a seat in Parliament is about way more than me and/or my ego – it is a huge, important, message of inclusion to every trans and gender-diverse individual in the land. Just for this, if nothing else, it’s worth putting everything else on hold to run for Parliament. Although, I do believe we can do much more than this.

I’ve put up my hand, but it’s We who can change Tasmania. Make it better, for many more Tasmanians.


Why the Local Network?

Quite simple, really. I’ve previously tried party politics - and discovered the politics within a political party are not a thing I enjoy. I’ll never, again, join a conventional political party. I shall remain proudly Independent.

I recently described the Local Network as being “… kinda like the Climate 200 lot – except it’s more progressive and doesn’t have Holmes à Court’s millions.”

It’s a clever idea. It uses the advantages – for parties – the major parties have deliberately built into the Tasmanian electoral system but doesn’t try to tell me, an Independent, where I stand on any issue. Basically, the Local Network takes the time to find progressive Independents, grills them a little before deciding whether they’ll back them, and then offers campaign support during an election.

Suits me perfectly. The Local Network gives all Tasmanians, who want to see the system change, a way of getting involved and being a part of creating that change. And that’s important. I can’t win a seat in Parliament, or single-handedly create the change we need. It’ll take a whole mob of Tasmanians joining me for the campaign. It’s summed up on the back of my new business card –

You                 Me
  Be the Change