Demand Tasmanian Power For Tasmanians

Tasmanians are being shorn like sheep 

We generate almost 100% of our State's power needs through publicly owned renewable energy. So why are our power prices going up like the Mainlands? 

After decades of paying off our State-owned Hydro power generation, we’re now being asked to fund the renewable energy transition for Mainlanders by building a new transmission grid, and shipping privately-owned Tassie wind energy via the Marinus Link.

Our State Government must stop the current market-led mess, and begin planning and acting for Tasmanians. They must: stop TasNetworks railroading our communities; stop trashing our environment; take control of Tasmanian wind power and direct that energy back into our economy, rather than line the pockets of investors.

There is no real climate, energy or jobs plan attached to either the 200% Tasmanian Renewable Energy Target or the “Battery of The Nation”, only more revenue for overseas investors that we Tasmanians will pay for via our taxes and power bills.  So let’s ditch the PR, and start working on policy that works for our economy and environment.


We the undersigned ask that our State Government produce an energy plan for Tasmania that:

  • Stops Tasmanian power prices rising by delinking from the National Electriciy Market
  • Puts Tasmania first: our people, our environment, our economy and communities
  • Scraps the Marinus Project 
  • Invests the billions on offer from the Federal Government in State-owned generation, distribution and storage for Tasmanian needs
  • Electrifies our domestic, industrial, agricultural and transport sectors
  • Does not subsidies wind farms to make them investible
  • Only allows wind farms to be built in places deemed suitable with at least 80% support from the community with transmission lines undergrounded.

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