Clark Electorate

Clark Electorate

The Division of Clark takes its name from Andrew Inglis Clark (1848-1907), an Australian founding father and the principal author of the Australian Constitution. He was Tasmania’s Attorney-General from 1887-92 and 1894-97. He proposed a modified version of the Hare electoral system which became Tasmanian law in 1896. This is now known as the Hare-Clark electoral system and it has been used Statewide since 1907.

Prior to 2018, the Division of Clark was known as the Division of Denison.

Clark is an inner metropolitan division centred in the greater Hobart region (292.26 sq km).

The division is centred on Hobart and includes:

  • City of Glenorchy
  • City of Hobart
  • part of the Kingborough municipal area.