About Us

Party politics is broken. We need to move in a new direction – not just put new politicians into old and corrupt structures. The Local Network wants to make politics better. We are creating ways for people to be involved, not ostracised. We know we don’t have all the answers and we are okay with that. We do have the drive, energy and commitment to start making it better. 

We have started in Tasmania but our message is spreading across the continent.

The next Tasmanian election for the House of Assembly is scheduled for 2025, although it could be called earlier. Beginning with that election, the number of seats will increase from 25 to 35. Each of the five electorates will elect 7 members, meaning that the quota for election to the House will drop to 12.5% of the total formal votes. This is a great opportunity for us to get independent Local Network candidates elected.

We would love to get you involved in the Local Network, either as a volunteer or a member. To be a member you must be registered to vote in Australia and NOT be a member of any other political party. Your membership helps us to maintain our registration as a party with the Tasmanian Electoral Commission. There is currently no fee to join the Local Network as a member. However, if you’re unable to join us as a member, you can still register as a volunteer and participate in support activities.

Feel free to email us - remember to include your name and contact number. If you would like to leave feedback, please complete our contact form.

For urgent queries, please phone:

Marly Flynn 0448 036 850

Helen Middleton 0439 695 341